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Connect your Apple Pay Card to the iTunes Store.

The iTunes Store in mainland China does not support this feature. Users in mainland China can simply close the webpage.

In most regions that support both Apple Pay and App Store (iTunes Store) credit card payments, it is possible to link the device card in Apple Pay to iTunes Store. However, Apple's official website provides very little information about this feature, and many people are unaware of it.

There are several benefits to linking the Apple Pay device card to iTunes Store:

  1. The Apple Pay card image is displayed in iTunes Store instead of the default card organization icon, which is more visually appealing. It is also more convenient for users with multiple cards from the same card organization (especially for American Express cards, where the last four digits of the card number are often the same).
  2. When using Apple Family Sharing and enabling "Share Purchases," family members may be required to verify their payment method during payment. Traditional cards added to Apple Wallet require providing the CVC, which poses a certain risk for cloud households. However, using the Apple Pay device card only requires providing the one-time verification code generated by Apple.
  3. Except for American Express, which synchronizes all transaction records to Apple Wallet, other cards can only be viewed through the bank's app or website for non-Apple Pay transactions. Linking Apple Pay cards to iTunes Store makes it more convenient to view card transactions within Apple.

Noble Apple Card users can also stop reading.

To link an Apple Pay card to iTunes Store, you must first add the card manually (i.e., enter the card information) to iTunes Store and ensure that:

The card you want to add to iTunes Store has not been added to Apple Wallet.

Based on my testing and the testing of others, if a card has already been added to Apple Wallet before being added to iTunes Store, it is likely that the "Link to Apple Pay" option will not be visible. If you have already added the card to Apple Wallet, please remove it from Apple Wallet first.

After adding the card to iTunes Store, go to Apple Wallet to add the card. Once you return to the payment method management in iTunes Store, you will see options such as "Link," "Link to Apple Pay," and "Upgrade Card."

Click on "Link to Apple Pay" or "Upgrade Card," then use your fingerprint or face scan to complete the process.


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