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How to pass AVS for HSBC US non-US credit cards users

After applying for an HSBC US account as an international customer, you can contact customer service or your Relationship Manager (RM) to apply for an HSBC US credit card. However, when making payments on the US website, you may be asked to provide a Billing ZIP for address verification (AVS). If your credit card's mailing address is not a US address, does that mean you cannot pass the address verification?

The answer is definitely no. After consulting multiple customer service representatives and conducting actual tests, both the Debit Card and Credit Card of HSBC US international customers can use "00000" as the Billing ZIP. The following is a test case using Stripe. For security reasons, some content that does not affect the display has been hidden.

Failed case:

Successful case:

However, since "00000" is not a valid postal code, some websites with postal code validity checks may not be able to pass. Although this case is rare, if you encounter it, you will have to use another card for payment.

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