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After a long wait, the Google Fi version of the Samsung S22 and card that I purchased almost half a month ago finally arrived. This article mainly focuses on the unboxing and setup of the card.

The reason why it took half a month for the delivery was because I tried the "US - Macau - Zhuhai" route, which reduced the hassle of dealing with customs.


You can directly purchase from, and the official website provides multiple plans.

The main difference between different plans is the number of eSIM profiles that can be stored. It is important to note that the last Dual is actually just two Omni.

In addition, Single and Multi are both stripped-down versions. The Single version only allows management (download/activate/delete eSIM profiles) on one device, while the Multi version allows management on multiple devices of the same brand. All plans can be used on any device.

To manage eSIM profiles, you must use an Android device because iOS does not allow apps to directly communicate with SIM cards. However, iOS devices can use cards that already have activated eSIM profiles.

Although the merchant can ship directly to China, it is not recommended. First, if you choose the free shipping option, it will be sent by regular mail. Moreover, the default packaging of the merchant has a huge "SIM" label, which easily attracts the attention of Chinese customs. If you happen to live in a so-called high-risk area for fraud...

Security Risks#

The card must be managed through a dedicated app. The app also requires logging in to the account. Since the app needs to download eSIM profiles, you also have to grant it network permissions, although the official promise is that no eSIM profiles will be uploaded to the cloud.

In addition, the FAQ on the official website mentions that they have the right to deactivate specific cards to prevent abuse. And because activating the SIM card requires binding it to the account, they do have the ability to do so.


What's there to unbox about this thing? But since I've already written this title, let me share a family photo of the items received this time. is actually a programmable SIM card. Its Android application (iOS does not provide the ability for apps to interact with SIM cards) can recognize eSIM QR codes and write various information downloaded from the carrier into the SIM card. This allows you to enjoy the advantages of both eSIM and physical SIM cards: eSIM is easy to obtain, especially various roaming cards, without waiting for shipping and customs clearance, you can download them directly at home; physical SIM cards are easy to migrate without dealing with the carrier. Especially for certain carriers that are not suitable to be described with civilized words, reissuing eSIM requires the person to go to the counter, meow meow meow meow meow?


After receiving the card, you need to download their app, which can be directly searched on Google Play Store.

After downloading the app, you need to insert the card into your phone before opening the app. Otherwise, the app cannot correctly recognize the card and must be restarted before it can be used.

If you have a dual SIM phone, you need to select the correct SIM slot. It is actually easy to identify: the SIM slot with the card inserted will display the "me" icon in the app.

Then find an eSIM QR code and select "Scan QR Code" in the app. As for where to find the eSIM QR code, please allow me to make a sad expression.

You can download multiple profiles, but only one can be activated, and the activated profile can also be used on iOS.

Now this card is almost indistinguishable from a regular SIM card, and you can use it on any cellular device.

Data roaming can be used normally:

It can also be used normally on iOS:

This iPhone is a domestic iPhone 13 mini. Using the card allows domestic devices to have eSIM capabilities in a way (although it requires the help of Android, and because there is only one physical SIM slot, Dual SIM is not possible).

Wi-Fi Calling can also be activated normally:

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